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Saturday, January 13, 2018 (1 events)

Cherokee Heritage Day

Saturday, January 13 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

The second Saturday of every month, the Museum of the Cherokee Indian offers a family-friendly fun day of free cultural activities including traditional dancing, storytelling, cultural arts demonstrations, genealogy workshops, hands-on craft workshops and more. Traditional food is available on-site, weather permitting. The Cherokee Friends offer workshops on traditional dancing and cultural arts demonstrations including wampum belt making, moccasin making, stickball stick making, wood carving, fire making, and more. Hands-on workshops are taught by members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and often include making a clay medallion or a traditional Cherokee pot stamped with wooden paddles carved with designs. Different members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians share stories and flute music. Robin Swayney, genealogist, offers workshops on genealogy for those who are interested in finding their Cherokee ancestors. Every month includes activities related to that month’s theme. For example, January, the windy month, will include workshops on how to play the Cherokee flute, blowgun demonstrations, and an outstanding panel of storytellers.

Activities are sponsored by the Museum, the North Carolina Arts Council, and the Cherokee Preservation Foundation. Regular prices apply to food and to admission to Museum exhibits.

Monthly Themes

January 13 - Unolvtani (Windy Moon)
February 10 - Kagali (Hungry Moon)
March 10 - Anvyi (Strawberry Moon)
April 14 - Kuwoni (Flower Moon)
May 12 - Anisgvti (Planting Moon) 
June 9 - Dehaluyi (Green Corn Moon and Cherokee Voices Festival)
July 14 - Guyegwoni (Corn in Tassel Moon)
August 11 - Galoni (End of Fruit Moon)
September 8 - Dulisdini (Nut Moon)
October 13 -  Duninvdi (Harvest Moon)
November 10 - Nvdadegwa (Hunter Moon)
December 8 - Vsgiyi (Snow Moon)

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